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Encyclopdedia Eternica

Castes and Culture

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last updated: Tuesday, September 18, 2001


There are five castes in the realm:

    Slaves, criminals
    Makers (musicians, carpenters, farmers, etc)
    Merchants (business owner)
    Soldiers (real soldiers and entourage of the Royals)

The two lowest castes, Servants and Makers, comprise 80% of the population. Throw in about 12% Merchants and 7% soldiers. Adventurers, by the way, are somewhat outside the caste system as long as they have a reputation. The most famous adventurers are celebrities over large map areas. Fish (Dreamers) are regarded as the very worst criminals.

The caste system plays into the laws of the realms, especially Jafra. A crime against someone of low caste, especially if done by someone of high caste, doesn't carry much of a penalty.