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Encyclopdedia Eternica

The unofficial Eternia sourcebook


last updated: Tuesday, September 18, 2001


The world known as Rune used to be highly magical and technological (almost mystically so) and peaceful. Something happened --- a Pandora's box sort of thing. Some people left the idyllic land --- now known as the Land Beyond, and others that stayed died or were transformed. The steampunk-ish technology of this Age of Reason era was lost. The magic was debased into being based on exploitation of vices. There is a small group of spellcasters called Fish (or Dreamers) that retain the old way of magic, but these albino mutants are despised with some justification. After two tumultuous eras, the current (Fouth) Age has 12 kingdoms, dominated by Jafra, and none get along. The Land Beyond still exists beyond the South Sea, but it is a hellishly dangerous and strange land that few visit and fewer return from.