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The Eternal Project



Welcome to the Eternal Project, the always evolving, unofficial sourcebook for Runesword's Eternia game setting. The goal of this web site is to help the Runesword Creator community to build its own body of information concerning Eternia. This is in no way an attempt to rewrite or in any way change the great work that Runesword's ceators, Dan Schnake and Adam West, have given us. On the contrary. Runesword was made to enable the kind of creativity and sense of communty previously found only in "paper and pencil" RPGs. It is that very spirit that spawned the Eternal Project. Many in the Creator community have either expressed a wish for, or have written their own, source material on subjects not covered in the vage descriptions of Eternia that come "stock" with Runesword. It provides, intentionally, little more than a spring board for the imagination.


First, go to the Message Board and discuss your idea about some aspect of Eternia. It may be there is already a discussion going on...
Specific directories of information will have voulenteer editors. These editors will be responsible for receiving article submissions in their area, approving new articles and placing them within the directory structure. Some mechanism should be in place for the archiving of rejected material as it may provide the seed for a future article.
The (masochstic) webmaster - Count0 - will be responsible for implimenting any changes in the directory structure and its content as per the instructions of the area editors. Will also be responsible for overseeing the message board and link directory.

Eternal Project News

10/20/03 - Yes, it has been a year since I've done any webmastering here! lazy, I know, but I prefer to spend my Runesword rime in the Creator. Also, there's just not much interest in devveloping Eternia setting out there. At any rate, I'm trying to do a little maintenance I ignored a long time ago...

10/12/022 - Yesterday I got my copy of Runesword 2! Once again, many congrats to Dan & Adam and Shrapnel Games. I imagine it's going to several days for people to begin to dig into it, but things looks REALLY good. I haven't seen anything that changes relative to Eternia beyond the loss of Eternium in spellcasting. Let me know if you have so we can be sure to keep things up to date here.

9/18 - Added a more complete list of countries under the politics section using Talia/Jen's black Kingdom info sheet. Also added articles on history of magic and issues to consider. In the process of adding a few links to the link engine.

11/22 - Added Talia/Jen's articles on Morea and its history. Also added my few notes on Xal (more to come).

9/14 - I've done a (little) bit of work on the look of the site: adjusting the style, adding the voting area, a new message thread and an email form by which you can send your articles directly to me, and added Talia/Jen's blank Kindgdom Data Sheet to the Encyclopedia to help with article building.

9/7 - Unfortunately (depending on how you look at it), I've been swamped with work lately so I haven't been able to do anything more with this site. I still plan to develop the Encyclopedia's code to make it easier to editors to deal with updates themselves. Of course, that takes time and Monday I start another project. In the meantime, if there is anyone out there who has ideas on how to allow non-programmers to modify the Encyclopedia's code let me know. Type to ya later...

8/16 - I've started a couple of new threads in the message board about VampiricDread's and MatDBA's ideas about Rune's place in the solar system. Check it out and voice your opinion.



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